A year ago, I set out on a mission to give dads a simple tool to interact more effectively with their kids. The Daily "Do-Dad" is a text message that comes to Devoted Dads every day about the time work life transitions to home life and gives them a simple and easy to follow idea to connect with their kids that day. My criteria for a Daily "Do-Dad" was that it had to be something that required little time to plan, little to no cost and could be implemented by a dad that had ANY desire to be closer to his kids. Little did I know that the Daily "Do-Dad" would become a staple in many dads' lives that their kids looked forward to and expected their dad to do with them.

I am a big believer that change comes from within and if we want to connect more fully with our kids, that the decision to do so has to be our own. My suggestions don't take the place of a dad that takes the first action and makes it happen, nor should it. Many dads used it as a reference when they finally had the time with their kids that they so desperately waited for all week. Many of our Devoted Dad brothers are single dads with partial custody or traveling fathers that see their kids on the weekends or holidays and don't have the luxury to do these things every day with their kids. I hope it has been a help to all of you, regardless of your situation. These texts are suggestions from a friend and not a homework assignment you need to feel guilty about missing. I hope they NEVER came across that way to you.

Something magical happened about 3 months into writing these texts. I started to run out of ideas! I was getting great feedback from the recipients but I was trying not to repeat myself and keep each one unique and sincere- a great idea that I would do with my kids. So I started to ask my family for ideas. I would ask my kids, "What do you want to do with your dad today?" They helped write and inspire many of the Daily "Do-Dads" that you received this year. The Chugg family wrote these over the course of a year with you in mind every day. My kids and I grew closer and they saw it as a project that our family did as a service to other families. It has been a blessing for our family. They saw me everyday, typing these texts out on my computer, asking over my shoulder what the Daily "Do-Dad" was today.

The Daily Do-Dad will continue. I have received way too much positive feedback to stop and truth be told, I like getting a text from myself every day that reminds me to spend the time I have with my kids, with my kids. There will be some overlap, some repeats and some things that may sound familiar to you going forward but based on my feedback from you, you enjoy the daily nudge, whether you read my texts or not. I hope it has created in you, the habit of spending time each day with your kids. I hope you've had meaningful teaching opportunities, discussions and fun as you've made the conscious decisions yourself to be a Devoted Dad.

You can always reply to the Daily "Do-Dad" with suggestions or feedback. Those come directly to me and I welcome them.

To receive the Daily Do-Dad, please text the word VIP to 801-285-0221.