Our mission is to help strengthen you so that your family sees the benefit of a strong father.  We believe that true change, in society as a whole, starts with the family. You make a huge difference to your children and you are important. We stress and promote current scientific research that helps strengthen families and prevents families from situations of abuse and neglect. We promote the following:

Parental Resilience

  • Helping fathers to not give up or walk away when times get hard

Social Connections

  • Providing fathers with the social connections they need to know they are not alone in being a father

Concrete Support in Times of Need

  • Access to and knowledge of programs (even outside our own) that give support to a family when it's needed and helping fathers ask for the help they need

Knowledge of Child Development

  • Your knowledge of how your kid ticks can make a big difference when facing challenges

Social and Emotional Competence of Children

  • The real goal is to raise successful, healthy and productive kids